Sunday, February 12, 2012

Shrines in FairyLynne's Etsy Shop

I've been making some shrines, art boxes and such from cigar boxes lately. Haven't added any new fairies lately, but will be making some fairy shrines, too, soon!

Here's a peak at the shrines in my shop so far, all with a religious or Catholic theme. They're vintage style, with some vintage items, and a couple have backgrounds that are my own photographs.

Holy Shrine Art Box First Communion Boy Vintage Distressed Upcycled features a background photo I took in Levroux, France.

Holy Shrine Angel Art Box Vintage Distressed Upcycled features a photographic reproduction of a photogravure plate of Cologne Cathedral in the late 1800s.

Holy Shrine Art Box Vintage Religious Jesus Mary has a photo I took in Levroux, France, of a stained glass window with Mary and an Angel.

I'll have more in my Etsy shop real soon!

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